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Based on this decision of fundamental significance, this accusation, earlier expressed by several German public prosecutor’s offices, concerning the violation of the subject regulation of § 16 UWG by the OneCoin business model and the OneCoin companies, has been refuted to the fullest extent.
The official OneCoin website reports that the Court of Nürnberg-Fürth has stopped the prosecution of OneCoin and its related companies. Different public prosecutors have accused the OneCoin brand of “unfair competition” business model and pyramid scheme practices.
We are a leading Blockchain Development Company providing end-to-end blockchain solutions for Smart Contracts, Wallets, Cryptocurrency Exchanges and ICO.
A good place to start is the name: a blockchain is an ever-growing set of data blocks. Each block records a collection of transactions.Because blockchains work as a secure digital ledger, a bumper crop of startups are hoping to bring it to voting, lotteries, ID cards and identity verification, graphics rendering, welfare payments, job hunting and insurance payments.Near Learn has been designed fo
Onecoin has 1 year to deliver payment gateway solutions to the unbanked areas as well as banked, you can not see that future demand right now cause not all is delivered. But who knows what we will see in 1 year and who knows what demand they could attract.
Blockchain needs no mention today, and the types of cryptocurrencies it offers are waving the path for a variety of virtual currencies to be mainstream.
The Ternio Lexicon blockchain on-chain transactional verification running 1 million transactions per second with nodes running in Oregon, California, Ohio, Virginia, and New York. Check out our website: is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.