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Spottie is the perfect mobile application for starting college. By allowing users to find each other in a fun and interactive way, meeting new people on campus is a piece of cake! After downloading the app and creating a profile, simply check into your location on campus & start meeting other students nearby.
Have you ever missed a party that you wanted to attend? Missing out on your chance to meet people and make new friends? Or see someone out and about that you thought would be interesting to talk to but they vanished before you got a chance to introduce yourself?
Spottie is a simple and fun game that helps you meet new friends while getting over the sitting-around blues. When you play the game, you’ll enhance your social networking experience. Show off your sleuthing skills: check-in, follow the clues, and spot someone right in front of you or even a block away.
Because of social media, we have goals of unobtainable looks that lower most people’s self-esteem. These images make people feel as if they aren’t good enough. Most of us don’t post about our bad days giving the perception of perfection in our lives. Making others feel less.
Spottie happens to be a location-based social networking game where you can earn rewards by playing the fun & interactive game while getting yourself connected with people nearby.
Spottie, the new socializing app, helps you break the ice to meet people near you. You can easily find a friend because you know that the other person has the Spottie app and is looking to find friends too.
Spottie makes working out more fun by offering an incentive to meet new people and make new friends. Spottie offers rewards as you get yourself connected. Use the social check-in where you work-out to spot a friend or potential work-out buddy.
Spottie's easy approach to casual meet ups is demand-free to exploring the interests of others to see if you really have any common interests. If you don't then you can move on without much time being invested. But if you hit it off with someone then you can begin a true friendship that all started with spotting them through Spottie. is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.