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Meeting someone for the first time can make anyone nervous but when you play Spottie people will be more mentally prepared because they are expecting to be approached.
Spottie was carefully designed to help your social life. Spottie was designed to make face-to-face interaction a must in order to play a successful game. The anxiety of talking to someone has now been replaced by comfort knowing that the other person is waiting for that interaction.
Spottie has numerous built-in features that make it easy to interact and stay in contact with other players! From in-app texting, calling and video-chatting to camera filters and in-app gifts, Spottie has it all!
Spottie to meet some more interesting people! Just remember Spotties motto; Play! Spot! Win! and you’re sure to find new friends after-work in no time!
Spottie knew precisely what today's society needed creating an interactive socializing game like this one. This application has the potential to bring communities together and spark up conversations we normally wouldn't be having.
Spottie is a social game designed to put you face-to-face with people in the surrounding area. This application is a fun way to meet new people anywhere without it feeling awkward.
To embark on this new journey with Spottie, simply check-in to your location and wait for people to find you, or take the initiative and search for others! Once you find one another you will be prompted to scan each other’s QR code.
Spottie is a fun, interactive game that encourages players to meet new people while earning rewards in the process! By putting players face-to-face, Spottie allows you to make new connections just about anywhere!
Have you ever missed a party that you wanted to attend? Missing out on your chance to meet people and make new friends? Or see someone out and about that you thought would be interesting to talk to but they vanished before you got a chance to introduce yourself?
Spottie is a simple and fun game that helps you meet new friends while getting over the sitting-around blues. When you play the game, you’ll enhance your social networking experience. Show off your sleuthing skills: check-in, follow the clues, and spot someone right in front of you or even a block away. is an open source content management system that lets you easily create your own social network.